Bethany (also called *Ui#gandes or Klipfontein), where the Orlam family Boois (also called Frederiks) has lived since 1804. Jan Boois (or Jan Frederiks), son of Captain Kobus Boois (or Kobus Frederiks),was one early chief who later became interpreter of missionary Schmelen. Schmelen reported about the threatening anti-missionary attitude of Titus Afrikaner of the Orlam Afrikaners. The Bethany Orlams are also called “Bethany Nama” or “!Aman”. Amraal Lambert (or #Gai*nub), a relative of Jonker Afrikaner from the Kai*khauan (later called “Khauas Nama”), accompanied Schmelen on many of his journeys.

Between 1814 and 1828, he worked for long intervals at or near Klipfontein (today Bethany), assisted by his Nama-speaking wife. Together they translated the four gospels and the catechism and also published a dictionary. Schmelen established a mission at Steinkopf in 1818. In 1822 Schmelen left Bethany due to Orlam dissatisfaction with missionary work among the Kai5khaun (also called “The Red Nation”)(after he “almost begged them upon my knees that they should come to church but they would not“). He travelled to Walvis Bay and visited Jonker Afrikaner at Tsebris in 1824/25.



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